Madera Dad’s Club Rocked It!

just a little bit of what we accomplished…

To the 30 people who toiled under the sun on Saturday – you rock.

You know who you all are, but a very, very special thank you to…

Rodney, Craig, Matt, Mel, Al, Rick, Steven, Chris, Tim, Tai, Eric, David, Christian, Mike, Rick, JC, Scott, Aaron, Bart, Matthew, Ray, Barnaby, Larry, John, David and Cesar

and some special guests previously from the Kensington Dads Club…
Larry, Mark and Rodney

In addition to the deck, we built and installed a 12 foot planter box, and painted 3 rooms in the house.

For a first-ever Madera Dad’s Club workparty, we can be very proud of our achievements.

A special thank you to all the invisible people who took on childcare, taxiing and chores in order to allow this amazing accomplishment to happen.