Help our Kids! Learn About Ballot Items affecting our Schools!

Yes on G - Renew Local School FundingParents’ Guide to the Elections & PTA Meeting
October 4, 2012 | 7:00pm
Kensington Hilltop Multipurpose Room

Hi Madera Voters!

Tonight Kensington Hilltop PTA is hosting a Voter Education Night in their multi-purpose room at 7pm.  This a very organized bunch, so if you have questions about all the measures and propositions that are affecting the FUNDING in our school district… this is an easy way to learn all about it.

Measure E
Bond to re-build & make improvements on our schools (Madera included)

Measure G
Parcel tax renewal to keep our class numbers and librarians & counselors at current levels (too bad measure K failed! We’d have lower class sizes this year if it had passed!)

Prop. 30
Governor Brown’s State-wide proposition to bring more money in to pay for schools K-College & Safety services

Prop. 38
Molly Munger’s state-wide proposition to bring more money just into K-12
(if neither of these pass – all California schools will be in dire straits – as Brown has proposed to cut $6billion more for the next budget)

Did you know parents have a very low voter turnout rate?  Get those Absentee Ballots ready you busy parents you!

Save the Date:  October 25th is Madera’s Phone Banking Night – to help spread the word that we NEED Measure G to pass.

Thanks for reading!