Traffic Safety

stop signDrivers,

Please follow the rules of the road on and around campus. That means:

Do not drop your child from the *thru traffic* lane. Only drop off using the single loading/unloading lane next to the sidewalk. Do not park in the unloading lane and hold an extended conversation with an adult, when no children are in, nor coming to your vehicle. And if you break that rule, please have the common sense to move forward so traffic is not backed up. Better yet, follow the rules.

Avoid reversing in the loading zone during the morning. That is likely the law, or it should be.

Do not pass vehicles in an attempt to get to the front of the loading zone.

As you may have guessed, I witnessed all of the above this morning, and am none too happy about it.

Drive safely, our kids depend on you to do so.

Steven Gaffagan
President, Madera PTA


  1. I may have inadvertently been one of the people who did this, so I want to be clear what is considered proper drop off etiquette: if there are cars in the drop off lane, but they have not pulled up to the front, cars should not drive past them to the front of the line. You are urging people to line up single file behind the cars in the drop off lane, correct? I was acting under the impression that the drop off lane was much like a drop off area at an airport, not a ‘one at a time’ lane.

  2. No worries Chris! Thank you for asking. Yes, please line up single file and drop off children once your vehicle is adjacent to the curb, in the loading zone. There are two problems with passing: 1) the traffic flow in the loading lane is slowed or obstructed 2) Passing in a parking lot is inherently dangerous, especially when children are beind unloaded. This is exacerbated when drivers illegally use the thru traffic lane as a loading zone.

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