Our Local Public School PTAs Agree: Vote Yes on G

Yes on Measure G Phonebanking
Wednesday, October 24th, 2012
Thursday, October 25th, 2012

@Interactive Resources; 117 Park Pl,
Point Richmond

RSVP / more info – contact Sarah Pleznac

...Measure G is not a new tax. It is a renewal of the 
existing education parcel tax that is already on your tax bill. 
Since this tax expires in 2014, we are asking for your support 
to renew it for the next five years by voting YES on Measure G. 
A senior exemption is available for those over 65.

Measure G will raise about $9.6 million per year for our school 
district. Of that, $2.2 million will help to lower class sizes 
for the youngest children. Measure G will also pay for librarians, 
high school sports, counselors, textbooks, and teacher support. 
Without Measure G, these programs and services will lose their 

Our school district has suffered trememdously in the economic 
downturn. We have lost over $40 million of state funding in 
the last 5 years.  Our schools have cut their budgets to the 
bone, eliminating important programs and laying off teachers 
and staff. Measure G would raise money that the state cannot 
take away—it stays in the district.  

In addition, we encourage you to vote YES ON 30 and YES ON 38. 
While neither of these state funding measures is perfect, 
they would provide critically needed financial support for 
our schools. Without them, there will be a budget shortfall 
big enough to cut the school year by three weeks. Our kids 
could get out of school in mid-May, 2013....

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