Teacher Appreciation Luncheons

Hello All Madera Families,

I am the new person in charge of arranging Teacher Appreciation Lunches.  Most of you already are familiar with how this works.  For those who don’t, once a month parents of a predetermined grade prepare a lovely thank you lunch for all of our hard-working teachers. There will be a theme each month.  I’m happy to report that last Friday’s Lunch which was provided by the 6th grade families looked really tasty and I’m sure was appreciated by the Teachers.  This month I would like the 5th grade families to provide a Lunch for the teachers. Our theme will be Thanksgiving- We are Thankful for our Madera Teachers and Staff!  In future months I’ll send out requests for each grade to volunteer.

This time around I am requesting 5th Grade family volunteers to help out:

1.       12+ food contributions, at least 4 should be vegetarian and vegan options.  It would be much easier if the items could come ready to serve- there is limited space to reheat/chill food.  Please utilize your coolers/warming boxes.

2.       At least 3 beverage contributions.

3.       Someone to make invitations (about 40 needed) for the Teachers and Staff and drop into their boxes in the office on Tuesday Nov 20.  You could make a poster as well, or someone else could make a poster announcing the Lunch.

4.       Someone to help get decorations/paper plates/cutlery/cups/napkins.  It would be ideal if you could find someone to donate these.

5.       Some folks to sign-up to be there at the lunch to set-up, serve and clean-up.

Please let me know if you can do any of these tasks.

Lunches will usually be held on the last Friday of the Month, and will be as follows:

October – Sixth Grade (Halloween) happened on Friday, October 26th.

November – Fifth Grade (Thanksgiving) Friday, November 30th

December – Madera PTA (catered meal) Friday, December 14th

January – Fourth Grade (Chinese New Year) Friday, January 25th 2013

February – Third Grade (Valentine’s Day- we love our Teachers!) Friday, February 15th

March – Second Grade (Nutrition month- focus on healthy) Friday, March 29th

April – First Grade (Garden Month- Veggies/Fruits, let’s try for Locavore!) Friday, April 26th

May – Kindergarten (Fiesta!) Friday, May 31st

June – Madera PTA (sandwiches)

If you have any questions or comments please let me know.


Mindy Brown-Lechner

Mom of Sophia Lechner in Mrs. Boettcher’s class.