Blue Folder – November 16, 2012

PTA Announcements

  • November PTA Meeting (PDF)
    Monday, November 19th, 2012
    7:00pm – 9:00pm @Library
  • Buy a Gift Card, Support Madera (PDF) The holidays are right around the corner.  Planning on giving gift cards?  Browse through the list in the PDF linked above, and find gift cards to hardware stores, grocery stores, children’s clothing stores, department stores, coffee shops, restaurants… By buying through this event, Madera PTA will receive a percentage of the sale.  Madera has over 500 families.  If each family buys one of these cards that’s easily $2000 for the PTA.  Questions? Contact Crystal.
  • Sign up for Paperless Blue Folders
    If you like getting your blue folder content here (on the website or via email) – sign up & save a tree, save the PTA the cost of paper, and save the Blue Folder stuffing volunteers some time!
  • Add your info to the Madera Directory
    Make your contact info available to other Madera parents; this directory is only accessible by parents who are subscribers to the Madera PTA google group! If you need to correct your listing, contact Nerissa.

Madera News & Events

Community Happenings

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