Traffic Accident at Madera

Dear Parents,

Please read the message below, regarding today’s traffic accident. We have received word that the pedestrian, a parent, is doing well.

The message was sent by Shawn Maples, Traffic Sergeant:

On 12/03/2012 at approximately 1450 hours the El Cerrito Police Department responded to Arlington Blvd @ Madera Circle on the report of a collision involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian.  During the investigation it was determined that a parent had just picked up her daughter at Madera School and was in the process of pulling away from the curb along the south side walk of Madera Circle just west of Arlington Blvd.  The driver had the wheels of her Toyota Corolla turned slightly to the right when she accelerated and released the parking brake. The vehicle drove onto the sidewalk striking a parent that had just picked up his son and happened to be walking by at the same time as the vehicle drove onto the sidewalk. The pedestrian was thrown onto the hood of the vehicle as the vehicle crossed the sidewalk and entered the side yard of the residence located on the corner. The vehicle came to rest against a large tree, pinning the pedestrian between the branches of the tree and the windshield of the vehicle.  The pedestrian freed himself and was treated at the scene by the Fire Department and Paramedics from AMR.  The pedestrian sustained non-life threatening injuries and was transported to the hospital for additional treatment. The pedestrians son was not injured or hit by the vehicle.  The driver of the vehicle and her child were not injured in the collision. The driver is a 54 year old El Cerrito Resident and was cited at the scene for being an unlicensed driver. Her vehicle was impounded at the scene.  The Pedestrian is a 40 year old El Cerrito Resident.

Traffic Sergeant Shawn Maples met with Principal Makela and members of the school staff shortly after the collision and explained the circumstances of the collision to the group in an effort to assist with disseminating information to parents and the community regarding this collision.  It is extremely important for parents, School Staff and members of the community to work together to assure that our children can safely arrive and depart our school facilities. The City has been working closely with the school and the neighborhood to address concerns in the area for several years. Several changes have recently been implemented and additional changes are scheduled for the coming months.

As a simple reminder, please drive safe and with the safety of our children in mind at all time when travelling the streets of our community, follow the rules of the road and all parking regulations.

Anyone with additional information regarding this collision should contact Sgt Maples at 510 215 4435

Shawn D. Maples
Traffic Sergeant