International Night and Art Fair *updated*

International Night / Art Fair 2013

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Dear Parents, Teachers adn Madera Friends and Family,

The students are ready for the International Night and Art Fair, are you? We hope to see all of you on Wed. Jan 23 at 6 PM.

Here is a line line up of the performances:
1.    Professional Filipino Kulintang Dance
2.    Action song “It Takes A village” from room 1 Mr.Trampleasure class
3.    Different Language greeting
4.    Shakespeare “Arabian Night”
5.    Japanese dance from PE class
6.    Dragon dance and Martial Arts / Chinese Calligraphy show
7.    Jamaican Hip Pop Dance
8.    All kids sing 4 songs from Ms. Jones Music class with Cultural custom fashion show

The Finale will be everyone singing It’s a Small World. Here are the lyrics to the song. The students have been practicing this, if you wish to have the lyrics please print and bring along to the event.

Download It’s a Small World lyrics sheet >

International Night is a potluck, please bring a traditional dish to share (finger foods only – e.g. tamales, burritos, potstickers, spring rolls, sushi, samosas, dips etc.)

Food bought for the event should be taken to the booth for your child’s grade; you will see signs for the grade at each booth.

Thanks, Sachi & Lan


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