El Cerrito Trailtrekkers Hike: A Path to Madera

Potrero Path
Trail off of Potrero Ave. – the afternoon commute from Madera…?

Sunday, January 27, 2013
10:00am | @ corner of Ganges & Snowden

Hi All – I contacted the El Cerrito Trekkers club, a local hiking & trail management group, asking about alternative routes to walk to Madera.

This Sunday (Jan. 27th) at 10am we will meet at Ganges and Snowden (by the gate) where a EC Trekker group member will be leading us on a hike to Madera.

Currently, there aren’t any maps, but the Trekkers did provide some directions:

“A little way up Snowdon, cut off south into the grassland. There is a trail here — not very distinct; it is on Trail Trekkers’ list of areas that need trail restoration — that goes south. When it gets almost to Blake (there’s a huge century plant as a landmark), it connects with the newly restored/created Motorcycle Hill Trail. Go left up the hill on MHT. At the top (past the bench), it turns into a fire road that goes to Potrero. Cross Potrero (with great care! There is no striped pedestrian crosswalk here, and there should be. I will be suggesting/requesting this to Public Works right after I finish this email). Just across Potrero here, there is a cement walkway that then turns into stairs. This is what we call ‘Julian Steps’. Follow the stairway all the way up to Madera Circle. Turn right and follow the Madera Circle around to the school.”

With work to begin next week on the bulb outs at Madera Dr & Arlington, this may offer another route to school (and some exercise too)!

My family will be going, so I hope to see some of you there. (ps – I would bring a snack and some water…. we don’t know for sure how long this takes…. my guess, with young children, 45 minutes up the hill)

Take care,
Jen Loughrey

This article from the Independent has some more good reasons to walk to school >


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