Update: Portola Construction

New Portola Site PlansHi All – Those who follow the Go Portola! blog already know this…. but wanted to share with the Madera community.

The WCCUSD Board of Education voted unanimously last night to have a full time Construction Architect/Administrator (CA) on-site during construction of Portola.

What this means:  We have a real chance to have a new Portola open to students in Fall 2015, instead of 2016.  A big difference.

Please – if you have a moment – send a thank you email to Board members for supporting our students. Often, we only voice our concerns and criticisms of the Board, so it would be nice to recognize when they step up and take action for our group of kids. Here are their email addresses:

There is a lot of momentum right now in building a stronger and more cohesive Portola Community.  If you’d like to follow or be a part of it, here is think link to the blog:

If you have any questions about the Board, or would like to get involved in helping getting Madera’s concerns heard, let me know!

Thanks for your time –

Jennifer Loughrey
Madera mom to 2nd grader