May PTA Meeting Summary

Dear Madera Friends,

We held our final 2012-2013 PTA meeting this past Monday evening. Thank you to all who attended! Special thanks to Patty Osorio-O’Dea for picking up the Little Star Pizza and to Steffany Gaffagan for making the kale salad.

The membership voted to increase the yearbook budget, allowing us to buy more yearbooks. If you have not yet ordered a yearbook, get an order in immediately. We have been able to slightly increase the yearbook quantities so please put your order in the box by Friday- we have very limited supply so first come first serve!- no orders will be filled after Friday. Negar Souza has worked very hard again this year to bring us the Madera yearbook! Special thanks to her and everyone who helped design the pages and submit photos.

The word from Churchill Downs, aka our Auction Committee, is that this year’s auction was a financial success. We already knew the evening was delightful! Final numbers will be reported soon. Thank you once again to every single person who participated – you made it happen!

Our Treasurer, Carolee Purcell, reminds everyone: “All PTA warrants MUST be submitted by the end of the school year (June 7th) to the President’s box to ensure reimbursement for expenses”. If you have receipts for purchases you made for the PTA, you must fill out the warrant form (available in the Treasurer’s box), and attach your receipt. For your own records, please retain a copy of the form and receipt. If you have any questions, please contact Carolee for instructions.

Carolee also reported that we have received budget proposals for 2013-2014 from the Garden, Library, and Technology committees. Matt Reed and Negar Souza also report that chairs from this year’s events have submitted recommendations for 2013-2014. If you think you may need to submit a budget proposal, please do so immediately (deadline was May 6th). All the proposals and recommendations will be passed on to the 2013-2014 Executive Board for consideration.

We held a traffic planning session for about 30 minutes. Thanks to Cassidy Ellis for filming traffic hot spots around campus! She, along with Principal Makela, led a brainstorming session to figure how we can cope with traffic safety around campus. If you are interested in helping with traffic safety, please contact Cassidy.

I would like to thank everyone who helped strengthen our Madera community during 2012-2013. The list is very long indeed! The Madera staff, led by Principal Makela, works the trenches daily. Thanks to her and all the classroom teachers, enrichment teachers, and supporting teachers and staff! Thank you to the parents for nurturing your students. And thanks to the students who work so hard!

Many parents and grandparents volunteer on campus. They are really an invaluable resource for teachers, and are commended for their generosity!

Many of you contributed to our Direct Appeal program, led by Nancy Kawase. The program was a huge success this year, and I am very grateful for everyone who gave, and to Nancy who worked so hard and so effectively!

Special thank you to all our volunteers and chairs of all our events. Your dedication and service make the year whiz by!

Special thanks to the Madera PTA Executive Board, who remained committed throughout the year to our community and our students. I am personally very thankful for your service to our membership.

We still have a few weeks of school left just yet, so stay strong – vacation is right around the corner…and the Madera Carnival is this Saturday from 11-3 on the Lower Yard!

Go Madera!


Steven Gaffagan
President, Madera PTA