Yearbook Update *updated*

Madera yearbook 2012-13

Hello everyone,

First a great big thank you to Cassidy Ellis for helping me fill all my orders yesterday- It was a lot of work with 350 books in such a short time!

Second I would like to profusely apologize to Ms. Gay’s class who was sadly listed as 4th grade, not 5th.

To shed some light on the “behind the scenes” process just slightly; the photos come from life touch directly on a CD, often labeled incorrectly so we do our best to catch any mistakes from them including all misspellings and/or any children missed by photographers, we then send those corrections to the printers, get a proof, double check that with official school rosters, then send that back for a final correction- along with the collages and other pages to be “merged”. So there are a lot of hands in the cookie jar- within a very short window of time.

But sadly this year not only were there the normal misspellings and missed kids- some of the grades were incorrect, (Gay, Blake, King- to name a few), and obviously Gay’s mix up was missed by either myself, the printer or both.

The book was magnificent, (other than that boo boo), we are officially sold out, I hope you all like it and I appreciate all who helped this year to make it happen.

Of course, we are all human, volunteers and make mistakes, I’m sorry it happened and just wanted to relay that to the Madera Community.

Happy Summer!

Negar Souza