Have Skills to Share With Kids? (MASEP After School Instructors Sought)

El Cerrito Community CneterThe Recreation Center is hard at work building the 2013-14 enriched after school programs for Madera (and for Harding).

Do you (or someone you know) have availability and skills to share with our children?  The recreation center is open and interested in hearing from you, whatever your skill or talent or hobby may be (artistic, scientific, linguistic, musical, etc…!).

Vivian says instructors since contractors don’t need any specific kind of certification or degree or such. EXPERIENCE and interest in sharing with children is a MUST, though. She’s really hoping for diverse topics, but also specifically looking for basketball, gymnastics, carpentry, cooking and others…

Fill out the MASEP Instructor Availability and Course Proposal Form if you’re interested!

Contact Vivian Brandt / 510-559-7007 directly if you have questions.

Georgina, member of
MASEP Parents’ Group (we welcome new members!)