Thank you for a great garden work day

Hello Madera!

Welcome to a new school year- I hope everyone had a great first day of school.  There were some of us who got an early jump on the school year by attending out first garden work party of the year last Sunday.

Every section of our community was well represented- we had not one but two Kindergarten teachers working hard on the weeds, we had many students planting, weeding, watering, and keeping an eye on the chickens, and a number of parents helped make our front park strip area look good.  Overall, we more than 30 people show up- our beloved Principal even came out!

The Dad’s Club spent some quality time installing posts for a new retaining wall that will form one of the cornerstones of a 6th grade native restoration garden.  Thanks Dads, you rock!

Madera Dad’s Club at work on a new retaining wall

Keep an eye out next week, for an updated garden website, as well as some other exciting garden news!

Happy gardening,

Molly Wahl (Madera School Garden Coordinator)


  1. thank you dad’s club. which by the way, I know also included a student this time…and that you welcome any contributor, dad, grandparent, mom, sibling, community member…!

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