MASEP After School Program / Fall 2013

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Madera Families,

We’re pleased to share the new “Fall Calendar” for MASEP (Madera Afterschool Enrichment Program).

This new session is the BEST MASEP Calendar offering EVER (widest variety and largest quantity)! It reflects (whenever possible) the information received from the survey of parents/customers at the end of school year, loads of over-the-summer volunteer collaboration with the MASEP Parent’s Group…and the diligence, vision and hard work of the Recreation Center, particularly Vivian Brandt (Community Services Supervisor) and colleagues.

Thank you also goes to Ms. Makela, the Madera staff and teachers who support MASEP’s goal of providing enriched learning and creative opportunities for Madera students. With every nook and cranny of the school “packed to the brim”…it’s thanks to Madera teachers (and use of classroom space after school) that we continue to have many “Madera onsite” options.

Fall MASEP session begins Monday, September 9th and ends Friday, October 25th.

Please enroll right away…we want all the classes “green lighted” for the session (to remain open, classes need to meet minimum enrollment no later than 3 days before class start).

Registration (through the Recreation Center) is now OPEN.
[Online registration @]

We hope children (and their families) will take a close look at the new offerings and consider these opportunities for learning and trying something new, in the sciences, in the arts, in sports, and more. [We work closely with the instructors to provide fun and enriching experiences for *girls and boys* of all ages.]

For questions about MASEP class availability, or to enroll, contact:
El Cerrito’s Recreation Department
7007 Moeser Lane
El Cerrito, CA 94530
Ph: (510) 559-7000
Fx: (510) 528-9413
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
[Online registration @]

General Information

  • Low enrollments risk class cancellation
  • Kid’s grade outside the class suggestion? Ask the recreation center, some instructors will take younger (or older) students
  • No MASEP classes on minimum days
  • Transportation: You will notice a uniform transport fee applicable to all benefitting from this service. The shuttle service allows for incorporating classes that often require specialize equipment (mats, dance floors, etc.) The fee goes toward hiring the licensed driver (requires a certain license to drive the larger van). The Recreation Center pays covers the costs of the vehicles (maintenance, etc.)

Contact the recreation center (info. above) for your child(ren) to join:

  • AAA Sports Clinic (new!)
  • Chess
  • Circus Arts (new!)
  • Clay Magic
  • Drama Club (new!)
  • Fencing (new!)
  • Guitar (FYI Instructor mentions “Berkeley Wind” sells low-cost guitars suitable for children
  • Karate
  • Keyboard
  • Lego Robotics (two levels)
  • Mad Science (two levels, two new topics!)
  • Mandarin
  • Shakespeare for Kids (session features “Macbeth”)
  • Spanish (new instructor)
  • Sylvan Homework Support (new!)
  • Take My Word for It! Creative Writing (grades 3-6th) (new!)
  • Tennis (it’s back!)
  • Violin (kinder exclusive class) (new!) Violin rentals from Mr. Phan @ Amari Music (510) 524-2787
  • Workshop for Engineers (two levels)
  • Youth Capoeira (new!)

Why consider MASEP?

— Classes are nearly all onsite at Madera, immediately following class dismissal. (This saves families transportation time and cost. Hopefully, This also helps with keeping evening and weekend schedules less hectic.)
— Children enjoy and appreciate sharing and learning with their Madera classmates and other friends.
— Convenient option for children to explore new ideas, skills and expand horizons. If your child is interested but a bit hesitant, try enrolling him/her with a good friend! [Some classes are perfect for pairing and teamwork (different ages, girls, boys, etc.), for example, in “Lego Robotics”]

Got ideas for MASEP?

We’re eager to hear from families as well as teachers with ideas/activities/classes/courses to pursue for Madera student enrichment classes.


MASEP Parents’ Group (we welcome new members!)
(the email address of the informal Madera parents’ group working collaboratively with the recreation center to enhance MASEP.)


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