The Madera Outdoor Classroom – What’s that?

Outdoor Classroom

Greetings from the garden!

This year, we are undergoing a transition from one name to another in an effort to garner more appreciation for all of the learning and teaching that happens in our garden.  So, from our website to our blue folder fliers, that which was once the Madera Garden is growing into the Madera Outdoor Classroom.  Hope this doesn’t confuse anyone.  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

I have two bits of exciting news to share:

1.  We have 100% classroom participation this year.  This means that every single k-6 classroom will be taking part in the Outdoor Classroom Program.  Every child will have an opportunity to learn outdoors this year. Awesome!

2.  We are going to be rolling out a new farm to table venture toward the end of September.  For those of you who are interested in local, affordable fruits and veggies that you can pick up once a week from school, this is going to make your day.  We are partnering with Farmigo, a new program that will allow you to choose from an array of fruits and veggies each week that you can then pick up from our garden.  In addition to being healthy and convenient, our PTA will receive a percentage of all profits made!  What a great way to grow community around food.  More information will be coming soon, so keep an eye out…..

And finally, our Outdoor Classroom website has been updated for the first time this year.  Scope it out and share it with a friend.

Please feel free to contact me, by clicking here.

Molly Wahl

Madera Outdoor Classroom Coordinator