Direct Appeal – Join Madera PTA!

Great Public Education is No Longer Free!

Donate to Madera PTAMadera’s Direct Appeal is a fundraising campaign run by Madera’s PTA, for the direct benefit of Madera’s kids.

› Download the 2013-14 Direct Appeal Letter (PDF)
3-in-1 Form: Join and Donate to Madera PTA + Get Listed in the Directory (PDF)

The generosity of the Madera Community has enabled our children to benefit from enrichment programs such as the garden, class field trips, the band program, student assemblies, computer lab, among others. In addition, funds donated by our families pay for many items and programs that are critical to the school, such as the library, classroom  supplies and disaster preparedness.

Please consider joining and donating to our PTA, and help Madera to continue to be a fun, safe and engaging place for your children to learn!

Thanks for all you do for Madera!

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