Madera’s Walking SchoolBus Starting on Wednesday / 8:10AM (Potrero Stair Masters!)

Starting Wednesday, September 11, 2013
8:10am Departure time (please be on time!)

We have several families (aka “Stair Masters”) ready to go for the maiden voyage of the Madera Walking SchoolBus, on Potrero Street starting on Wednesday morning.  If you’d like to join or drop-off, the meeting point is in the map / streetview photo above – just drive up Potrero a little after 8:00am and look for the friendly people waving the “Madera School Bus” signs.

This is the route the bus is taking from Potrero to school –

It uses a sneaky path off of Potrero that has a staircase up to Julian.  You can park / join up on Julian Drive if you + your child would like a bit shorter / easier for the first school bus (it’s a fair amount of stairs) or if you’re running late.

NOTE: there is some construction happening on Potrero at the moment so if you’re parking + walking along with the bus, keep this in mind.

Also, if your child is younger than a 2nd grader and/or climbing lots of stairs is not their favorite thing, please come along with the bus for the first few times.  (We have no idea what bribes will work to get your child up all those stairs!)  If you are dropping off, please make sure your kids know to stay with the group and the general pedestrian safety rules.

Lastly, this “Stair Masters” route on Potrero got by far the best response since my first post about the Madera Schoolbus – though I’ve proposed some other routes that will hopefully get off the ground soon – if you’re interested (or if you have another idea for a route) please get in touch with me or respond in the comment area below!


  1. Congrats on the first Madera Walking SchoolBus! We’ll join you on this route the next time you do it, and are interested in helping establish something closer to the Cutting side — is there a secret tunnel anywhere?! Last year on a Saturday a group of us, with Kindergarteners, tried the open space route (Motorcycle Hill) starting near Snowdon and Ganges. I think we estimated that walk taking ~40 minutes, which isn’t practical for probably any of us. But it’s nice to know it’s a possibility, and sometimes we walk that route home.

    • Hi maaaty!

      The Potrero ‘stair masters’ route kicked off today (Wed.) and will be ongoing, so go ahead and feel free to join up with them tomorrow!

      Send me an email – I’ve got a few others who are interested in a Cutting / Arlington route and we might just have enough to establish it. I haven’t found the secret tunnel yet! Though with an early enough start, we have done the Motorcycle Hill trail – it does take a while because it lends itself to not rushing, you want to enjoy the views and go on the rope swing (so, yes… better for the way home!) Also, crossing Potrero from that trail (unless you walk to Julian) isn’t all that safe. Kudos to you for taking kindergarteners on it!

      Also, I’m trying to see about getting us some hand-held stop signs and dayglo vests. If you and / or your kid(s) are good at making ‘Madera Walking SchoolBus’ signs, feel free to make one (or a few!)

  2. I usually walk up with my daughter and another girl we carpool with on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Fridays. We start on the Julian Street steps anywhere from ten to five minutes till the bell. We timed it last year, and it takes only five minutes from the bottom of the stairs to the playground! 🙂 We’ve been doing this for over a year now, and I think our V02 max levels have gone up a bit. Anyone who wants to join, feel free! We can talk about switching off later.
    -mike c

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