Madera Outdoor Classroom: Be the one!


Hi all,
We are in a final push to get 20 members who are regularly ordering fresh fruits and veggies through Farmigo.  If you have been thinking about ordering, but just haven’t gotten around to it, now is the time to really have an impact.  We are at 19 orders for next week, so be the ONE to push us over the top!

Sign up here:

Pick-up will be every Tuesday from 2:30pm-5pm @ the top of the garden, and yes, your child can pick up the bag (which will have your name on it.)

Everyone who has joined so far seems to be really pleased with the quality of the produce and with the convenience of both the pick-up and the ordering process.  I even ordered mushrooms and eggs last week and made a great omelet!

Thanks so much for supporting healthy eating in our community,


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