The Low-Down on Band *updated with corrections!*

Hi Everyone…
We needed some clarification, so I am giving you the latest details and updates on the MADERA BAND AND MASEP BAND PROGRAM:

1. Beginning Band

The after-school Beginning Band instructor has corrected my statement that only currently enrolled Beginning Band players from the during-school hours can join the after-school rehearsal. This is not correct. Although it is preferred that your 4th-6th Beginning Band player is rehearsing in both the Tuesday pull-outs during School and the Friday afternoons after School, it is not required. You may choose to have your Beginning Band player in just the after-school program.

It is still requested that your 3rd grade Beginning Band hopeful come to meet the instructor first at the beginning of the after-school rehearsal to get approval before registering them. (You would come with your 3rd grader at 3:15pm to the Multi-Purpose Room to meet the instructor on Friday. If approved, you would register your child with the El Cerrito Community Center.) 3rd graders, however, are still excluded from the during-school band.

Your tuition for the after-school band rehearsal will be pro-rated, since they have missed the first two rehearsal sessions, so far.

2. The Intermediate Band at Madera is still accepting new intermediate players for the during-school rehearsal time on Tuesdays. You will need to fill out a form for your child from the School Office to grant permission for them to leave class, which also serves as the band rehearsal attendance list, so their teacher knows to expect them to leave class for the rehearsal. The Intermediate Band Rehearsal after-school through MASEP on Mondays at 3:15pm-4:30pm (but students report directly afterschool at 2:45pm to the multi-purpose room) IS STILL OPEN TO INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS TO JOIN. Please register through the El Cerrito Community Center.

Although it is encouraged that your child play in both the intermediate during-school band rehearsal, and the intermediate after-school band rehearsal, IT IS NOT REQUIRED.  There are some rumors floating that you will not be allowed to register your intermediate band player for after-school rehearsal if they are not in the during-school rehearsal.  This is a statement to disqualify that rumor and to let you know that the intermediate after-school instructor is accepting all intermediate players, as was stated in my email this week.  It is your choice as the parent whether your child is allowed to be pulled out during School for rehearsals or not.  But, keep in mind, that it is only 30 minutes long, and research has shown music helps stimulate brain activity (my own 2 cents there).

3. We have parents inquiring about non-traditional band instrument instruction. I have been trying to cull from the collective wisdom to give some information on that. I don’t have anything to share right now, but if you can respond to the MaderaConnects email listserv and tell us where are the good resources you might know of for non-traditional band instruction, please do tell us all! (string instruments, world instruments, voice…)

4. The Trumpet Ensemble was unfortunately cancelled through MASEP due to super low enrollment.

5. The Flute Choir through MASEP is a go. This is the last week to sign-up, as they could use some more Flutists. They meet on Tuesday mornings before school at 7:45am-8:25am. Please register through the El Cerrito Community Center. The Instructor has allowed registration to stay open for another week. Your flutist would be an “intermediate” player, and the TUITION IS PRO-RATED to take off the first 2 classes they would have missed.

Faithfully yours,

Helen Couture Rodriguez,
Madera Band Parent Liaison Trying to Keep it Straight for You

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