Principal Makela’s Message – January 2014

Principal MakelaHappy New Year, Madera Family!

As a principal, January begins an interesting time when, more than ever, I have one foot in the current year and the other actively planning for the next to come. That’s much of life, right? And, we need to do both. We all balance living in the moment while also planning for the future. The trick, however, is in really living in the moment, savoring it is for what it is.

Perhaps because my youngest is (unbelievably) graduating from high school this year, I’m struck anew at how very quickly it all goes by – truly, as the phrase goes, it’s a blink of an eye. Wasn’t it yesterday that he was playing at Davis Parent Nursery School? I find myself soaking up the time I have with him, hugging him all the more, remembering fondly the years that have gone by far too quickly.

I suppose it is because of this that I come to the new year thinking about slowing down, simplifying, enjoying the life and time that we have before us; to take the time to really listen to one another, to hear and understand; to notice and wonder, learn and grow. I think we make better decisions, change more easily and learn things better when we are
thoughtful and intentional, slowed enough to really pay attention.

And, I’m thinking, yet again, about gratitude and how we maintain gratitude, even foster it, while at the same time acknowledging things that need improvement; planning for the future while enjoyingand celebrating the things that we have and are now. While as a school there are things we’d like to improve upon, we have so much to be grateful for!

We are lucky in many, many ways.

Happy to be learning and growing, enjoying life with this community,

– Alison

A HUGE thank you to all of you who helped to make the Holiday Sing-a-long such a grand success! Special thanks to chairwomen extraordinaire, Georgina Edwards and Gayle Chin. It was a wonderful community event!

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  1. Dear Alison: Thank you for your best wishes and the thoughtful comments about how a life can be best lived. Years back students would come to my office to ask what they should do with their lives, confused by the opportunities and an earnest desire to do their best. I nearly always reached for Aristotle and said that humans strive in life for happiness. Happiness is found in the performance of what your talents are best adapted. So that you must pursue studies that deepen the knowledge of that for which you have a talent for. This knowledge will seem easy for you while you will note that others find it difficult. Many will recognize your ability and will search your advice and leadership. So, humans will likely find their highest and most lasting happiness in the pursuit of that virtue already existing in your intellect. Joseph Campbell used to say: “follow your bliss”. I guess all wisdom leads to that conclusion.

    All best, Fernando Arias

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