Request for PTA Nominations

Dear Madera Parents-

Madera has been fortunate to have many committed parents who are willing to give their time, money or talent to the school in an effort to create the best public school environment we can. The keystone of our success is our PTA. For 67 years the PTA board has taken the lead in creating community, encouraging engagement and supporting learning all through on campus events. As the PTA plans ahead for the 2014-2015 school year, we hope to continue the focus on Madera Elementary’s “WE” with a renewed dedication to more community involvement.

Election time for the 2014-2015 PTA Board is beginning now. As stated in our PTA bylaws board members may keep a position for two consecutive years and may be on the board for up to four consecutive years. We appreciate the dedicated parents who have served on the board for the last few years and though we are certain they will continue to be involved in other areas of the school, we regretfully must say goodbye to a few as board members.

With that said the nominating committee, which is made up of five Madera parents, are currently asking for the communities suggestions on who in our community may be great replacements. At this time we know that the President, Executive Vice-President, VP of membership, VP of programs, secretary, financial secretary and auditor positions need to be filled. Though a few of the eligible current board members will likely stay on the board in another position, we encourage you to submit your nominations for any and all positions. Below you will find descriptions of each position on the board. We encourage you to read over the positions and consider whether you or someone you know would be valuable in the position. Nominations can be emailed to or you can submit a written nomination in the main office where a sealed box has been placed. The box is marked “PTA NOMINATIONS.”

Nominations will be accepted up until March 5. The committee will be presenting their list of nominees at the March 10 meeting. At the April 14 meeting the PTA will hold elections if required. If no elections are required the 2014-2015 board will be announced and confirmed. We strongly encourage your participation and your support during this process. Please come to the meetings! Your voice is valuable!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Nominating Committee member.

Best Regards-

Your Nominating Committee

Tammy Aguiniga-Garretson
Linda Geiser
Negar Souza
Paul Normington
Rick Yee

Madera PTA Executive Board Position Description

Organize and direct PTA meetings; serve as liaison with Principal, State, and National levels. Authorize payments from PTA funds; approve PTA events and correspondence.

Executive Vice President
Serve as liaison with PTA at Bayside PTA Council. Apply for facility use permits with WCCUSD. Introduce faculty at monthly PTA meetings. Manage PTA calendar of events, and monthly PTA agendas. Assist the President when needed in absence.

1st VP – PTA Programs
Organize special events related to PTA organization, including First Day of School/New Family Orientation and Holiday PTA dinner. Oversee Science Fair and Art Nights

2nd VP – Memberships
Recruit volunteers to chair committees and PTA jobs; serve as personal resource for committee chairs; maintain list of committee chairs; conducts Madera talent search; update/distribute PTA Handbook.

3rd VP – Fundraising
Recruit volunteers to chair fund raising events; organize family education programs; maintain listings of family resources including Auction, Direct Appeal and Olympics.

Take and distribute minutes of PTA meetings. Receive and prepare PTA correspondence. Approve warrants for reimbursement

Prepare PTA annual budget and monthly and quarterly summaries of income and expenses. Prepare disbursements. Prepare IRS taxes for certified accountant.

Financial Secretary
Verify and prepare deposits with bank. Issue receipts to Treasurer.

Prepare biannual audit report of PTA financial transactions.

Collect and organize materials to provide historical record of Madera PTA, including photos and PTA President log.

Parliamentarian (appointed position)
Ensure organizational adherence to rules of order. Serve as vice-chair of nominating committee for Executive Board Officers.


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