Principal Makela’s Message: May 2014

P1120631“There is a school, Madera. It is a place close to home. Tucked in the hills, a special place where kids love to come. It has a special feeling. The teachers care from their hearts, by giving all their best to guide us right from the start…”

Dear Madera Families:

Our school song has been stuck in my head for weeks now! Every time I see  the beautiful tree in the hall being created by our children with the help of Annie Goodsill, our art teacher, I start to sing. I sing it on the yard with our kids, hum it in the halls while peaking in on all the good things happening in classrooms throughout the day, and here it is again as I sit to write thinking about all we’ve accomplished and is happening at our fine, fine school. Good things happening because of those who invest so much of themselves into making it so, like our teachers.

At Madera we have twenty classroom teachers, three Special Education teachers, three specialists, and five enrichment teachers who care deeply for Madera’s students and pour themselves into their work every single day. Though we appreciate them all year long, in May, we take the time for Teacher Appreciation Month, to thank these teachers who giveso much of themselves to teach our children well. Their hard work and dedication don’t go unnoticed. Please know, our dear teachers, that what you do each day makes all the difference!

2014-05-01 19.49.26Madera is also great because of its long history of collaboration between teachers and parents. One recent example is the PTA sponsored Madera Art Fair at which we celebrated the incredible creativity of our students.

Thank you Sheila and Chris Roman, who chaired the event and to all (and there were many) who helped to make it such a success!

There are many strong groups working together to make Madera what it is. This is an amazing school with a long history. Do you know who all these groups are and what they do? Do you know when our school was founded or what programs have been offered? Please join me on Wednesday, May 28, at 7pm in the MPR for an evening we’re calling State of the School: Reflection and Vision. Come hear a bit of where we’ve come and get a  glimpse of where we’re going. It’s a great story and an exciting future!

Singing together,

“We are Madera, We’re traveling on our way…”