I Go For Farmigo!

Farmigo samples at Back-to-School Night
Farmigo samples at Back-to-School Night

Hello all,
This is Ms. Molly from the garden.  If you’ve been looking at the Farmigo flier you got in the blue folder a little while back, and you have been meaning to sign up for weekly produce deliveries.  Now is the time!

If you’ve never heard of Farmigo before, it is a mix between a food coop and a csa.  You can order whatever you want every week from their menu of choices, and then you pick up your order on Wednesdays between 1:50 and 5:00 at the bottom of the garden.  When we make $500 or more total sales for a week, we get 10% back.  But this next week, we get 20% back.  That’s why now is the time- you need to place your order by tomorrow, Sept. 14th!

So, click on the link below to scope out Madera’s Farmigo site:


And use this coupon code to get $10 off any order of $20 or more:


Thanks and happy eating,
Ms. Molly