The Madera Garden Needs You!


We only have 5 weeks left!

Now, you might have thought that my math is wrong, but I am not talking about the weeks left till the end of school.  We only have 5 open weeks in our summer adopt a garden program.

Can your family help out by adopting the garden for a week over the summer?  You would be responsible for keeping an eye on things, weeding, watering, etc. with support from me, of course!  It is a great way to stay in touch with school over the summer.

Interested?  Here are the weeks, we have left:

#1 June 6-June 12

#4 June 27- July 3
#5 July 4- July 10
#6 July 11-July 17

#11 Aug 15-Aug 21

Email me, if you want to take one of these slots.

Also, this year I am going to ask that you sign up for a garden tour/orientation time with me during the month of May so that we can make sure that everyone knows where everything is and how to use equipment, deal with gates, etc.  This is new this year.  I am doing this, in part, because I hope that it is going to build a bit more community and inspire folks to keep on care-taking in the garden during the school year.  The dates, I have sent up for these orientations are:

Wednesday, May 20th from 5-6
Saturday, May 23rd from 3-4
Saturday, May 30th from 1-2 (at the end of the garden gathering that is already happening on that day)

Please let me know which of these dates you can make.  If you can’t make any, we will work at scheduling a time that does work for you.

Thank you in advance for your support of our garden!

Looking forward to working with you this summer,

Ms. Molly