First Day of School

cropped-p1070824.jpgMonday, August 24, 2015

Welcome Back!

The back-to-school season is an exciting time, but it can also be an anxious time for some children – and parents, too! Preparing in advance can help your child feel more confident and have a more positive school experience.

If you can’t make it to Jump Start, class lists will be posted on the front of school Sunday night at 4:00 p.m.

Here are key points to remember on the first day of school.

Please try to get to campus early. Parking and traffic will be a mess!
  • If you can, walk, or park and walk, your children to school to arrive by 8:10. Parking will be tight with so many people coming and going. There is usually a good amount of parking on Arlington and in the neighborhood.
  • The only parking spaces available in either parking lot are for teachers and staff. Please leave those spaces for them.
  • The zones in front of the school and in the circle at the back are for drop off and pick up. In these zones, traffic needs to flow. Children need to get in and out quickly so that others can do the same. If you need to park, this is not the place.
  • Check your student’s classroom assignment: posted on front glass doors
  • Walk student to class.
  • Class begins at 8:30. Please say your goodbyes and well wishes and then be on your way. Although you’ll want to stick around, it’s more stressful for your child the longer you’re in sight. And more work for the teacher to calm your kiddo down after you depart. Save everyone some tears and make a clean break.
  • Don’t worry about class supplies just yet. Every class / teacher has different needs and requests. Please wait until your teacher requests specific supplies.
  • After the first day of school, students are not to be on the playground until after 8:20am when yard supervision is available. Unless it is a rainy day, students use the side gates to enter the playgrounds. Please help us ensure the safety of all children, by reminding yours that the play structures are not to be used without staff supervision; i.e. children may not play on the structure after school, but should go directly to aftercare or home. Thanks for your help with this!

Attend PTA Welcome in the Multi-purpose Room

  • All parents are invited @ 8:30 am in the Multipurpose Room for coffee and donuts
  • We’ll do it again for the PM Kinder parents @11:50 am in the Library

Don’t forget! It’s a minimum day. Students are dismissed at 1:51 pm (Grades 1-6)

Together we will give your children the challenging, enriching, and joyful experience they need to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Thank you in advance for all that you do to support the work of educating your children. We look forward to getting to know you and wish you all the best this school year!