Welcome To The New School Year


Welcome to the start of another great school year at Madera Elementary. We are excited for the new year to begin, old friendships to grow and new ones to come. The PTA is looking forward to continuing its tradition of providing enrichment programs and events for our students. Without PTA funding, our school would lack the Garden Program, Growing Garden Project, Art Program, Music Program, basic school supplies, field trips and much more.

For our PTA to truly be effective, the goal this year is to have 100% family participation. What does it mean to have complete family participation? Whether you have one hour for the school year or one hour per week (or more!), your talents, time, and community service are needed. There are endless possibilities in ways to help, and we want each family to start with the goal of one hour this school year per child. Imagine what our community can accomplish with 540 extra volunteer hours?!

By volunteering at Madera, one will get to enjoy interacting with students, become friends with families, and accomplish something that truly makes a difference in our children. Each family can be more connected with our neighbors while showing our future generations how to cultivate a giving community. We guarantee the time given to the PTA and the school will be worth it — and fun!

Join us in helping support all of our children in the Madera Community and reach our 100% family participation goal! Watch M.E.! grow.


Gayle Chin and Nancy Kawase

Madera PTA President and Executive Vice President