Innisbrook Sales Going On Now!

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Get your orders in! This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the 6th graders!

It’s not just wrapping paper! Innisbrook offers all sorts of products and is a terrific fundraiser for 6th grade activities. Current sales are only $1000 and we are counting on much more.  We receive close to 50% of every sale, and your child can earn prizes, even for selling as few as five items! Deadline to order is September 21st. Deadline extended until September 28th!

Madera chose Innisbrook because not only is it great fundraiser, but they have an incredible reputation. Beautiful gift wrap made entirely in the USA on recycled paper made with water-based inks.

Please share the online link with anyone you know who may be interested in purchasing wrapping paper or candy: Make sure it says “Madera Elementary School Store” at the top of the page. There are a LOT more items available online than what’s listed in the catalog. A large selection of items $8 or less!

Items ordered via the catalog will be delivered directly to Madera.
Items ordered online will be shipped to address specified for flat shipping rate of $7.50 or Free Shipping if you order over $125.

Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona can order Innisbrook wrapping paper too. You know Grandma loves her gift bags! Just forward the link mentioned above.
For questions regarding Innisbrook: