Science Fair is coming March 22nd

Wednesday, March 16th, 8:15 am Projects Due

Tuesday, March 22th, 6:00-8:00pm Evening Event



All students and families in grades K-6 are encouraged to participate in the Science Fair. Examples of past science fair projects will be on display outside of the Multi-Purpose Room.

Grades K–3 (are encouraged to participate) may enter a collection, scientific explanation display, observation, a science model, or a problem solving experiment. K-3 Students choosing to enter a problem solving experiment are encouraged to refer the Grade 4-6 instruction packet. Students will receive a “Young Scientist” ribbon and a certificate of participation.

Grades 4–6 (a project is mandatory) enter a problem solving experiment that utilizes the scientific method. All projects will be judged by scientists in our community. Students will receive a place ribbon and a certificate of participation.

Books, thr Internet, magazines, science museums, and videos are a great resource for finding inspiration of projects. Remember that there are many different areas of science such as:

  • Physical: Gravity, magnetism, electricity, motion, color and light, chemistry
  • Earth: Temperature, weather, energy, pollution, soil
  • Biological: Plants, food, humans, and animal behavior.

Your project can easily come from your own toys, kitchen or backyard!

See online tutorial at:

Madera 2016 Science Fair Instruction Packets Description:
SciFair K-3 packet
SciFair 4-6 packet


Entry forms will go home in blue folders in March 2016.