Ms. Makela’s Collection of 100 Things

To celebrate 100 days of school, kids in the classrooms are collection 100 things. Ms. Makela got in on the actions and collected 100 things she loves about Madera.

In no particular oder:

1. Our Kids
2. Collaboration to create something wonderful for children
3. Supportive parents
4. Hardworking teachers
5. Collective learning – we’re all learning and growing!
6. Art
7. Music
8. Field trips
9. Science experiments
10. BOSS
11. Tech Challenge
12. Creativity
13. Initiative, wonder, ideas that spark new traditions and ways of doing things
14. Volunteers
15. ELAC
16. PTA
17. Pizza in the park
18. International night
19. Art fair
20. Winter sing
21. Spring concert
22. The taco truck that comes to our events
23. Writing, writing, writing! Students writing books, narratives, opinion pieces, all thoughtfully composed
24. Loving, supportive parents who go the extra mile for their kids
25. And, who go the extra mile for other people’s kids
26. Our kickball tournament – The Boot Classic
27. Alumni who come back to visit
28. Alumni who continue to contribute to our school – like reffing kickball tournaments or helping in classrooms
29. Dads Club
30. Auction!
31. Learning together
32. Our garden
33. That we have chickens
34. And eggs
35. Monthly community sing
36. Kids figuring things out (and their excitement when the do!)
37. Classroom Buddies
38. Kids helping one another, like the fifth graders who helped first and second graders last week get on the tablets to take a reading assessment.
39. Friends
40. Ethnic and cultural diversity
41. Socio-economic diversity
42. The willingness of those who have to contribute so that all kids have the same opportunities
43. That everyone contributes what they can – time, talent, resources…
44. Welcoming smiles
45. Warm greetings
46. Support staff and specialists who go the extra mile
47. Tomatoes in the garden (that I sometimes eat, just because they’re too tempting, sorry Molly)
48. Kindness
49. People who put on events to build community and raise the money needed to provide the program’s we value for our kids
50. Molly
51. Annie
52. Leah
53. Jenn
54. Caring yard staff
55. Our book studies
56. Meeting with parents at the principal’s tea & the bagels (thanks RJ!)
57. Our office staff
58. The view
59. Sunsets
60. The skylights in the hall
61. Commitment to the whole child
62. Valuing play
63. Kids’ Shining eyes – full of wonder and hope
64. Morning running club
65. Walking and talking with kids
66. Traditions
67. Fun
68. Laughter
69. Ideas
70. Curiosity
71. Multi-generations of Madera students
72. Persistence
73. Publishing parties
74. Thoughtful decision-making
75. Willingness to do things differently if it’s better
76. Habits of mind
77. Kindness
78. Teamwork!
79. Dreams – and making them happen!
80. Our tree
81. Teachers’ shining eyes 🙂
82. Partnerships to enhance learning
83. Science fair
84. Grad students from CAL who give our kids feedback on their projects
85. Burning Dad Campout
86. Sleepover at the school
87. Spelling Bee
88. School Site Council
89. ILT
90. Madera Education Foundation
91. Kindergarten Chinese New Year Parade
92. ECHS Band leading the Halloween Parade
93. 6th grade science camp
94. And ALL the adults who work so hard to make it happen!
95. VTS (visual thinking strategies) Lessons
96. Writers’ Workshop
97. Lesson Study
98. ME! Games
99. That we value a well-rounded education for kids that goes beyond just filling their mind with information but allows the to think, apply, explore, create.
100. Our wonderful community!

Ms. Makela collected a 100 things she loves about Madera. The PTA is collecting $100 bills to support Madera. Celebrate Madera’s 100th day by making a $100 donation to Direct Appeal this month. You’ll be entered in a drawing to win 2 tickets to the Madera Auction on April 30 and 4 raffle tickets at the auction (worth $100 total).

Help keep our enrichment programs going – AND – have a chance at this fabulous prize.

Here are the rules: Anyone who donates $100 or more to Direct Appeal in Feb will be included. This includes recurring donations of $100 per month or more. You can pay by check, or via PayPal. You do not need to be present to win, but this PTA meeting will be a great one to attend.