Officers Needed for Next Year’s PTA Board

In March, Madera’s PTA Membership will be voting to fill positions for next year’s PTA Board. These positions are elected and any parent who would like to run is welcome and encouraged to do so. If you have ideas on how to build community, improve extracurricular programs, and generally make Madera even better than it already is, this is the best way to get involved! “New” Madera parents, you are particularly invited to contribute your skills and ideas, as you are the future of Madera and it’s your participation that will keep Madera thriving in years to come.  If you know someone who has an incoming kindergartener who might be interested, feel free to pass this information along.  Our current Treasurer is a kindergarten parent this year.

The PTA has a nominating committee which will submit its nominees for next year’s Board to the Membership by mid-February. They would love to hear from you if you are interested in being nominated for one of the Board positions.

The committee is currently seeking nominees for the following positions:

Executive Vice President – The primary responsibility of the executive vice president is to assist the president and help lead the PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members.  With the Madera Foundation taking on most of the day-to-day program activity at our school, the PTA’s goals are to focus on community involvement and advocacy.
VP of Communications – The communications leader is responsible to keep parents informed of all that happens at Madera!  This person will manage the Madera Monday Message, the Madera website (including our online calendar) and Facebook page.
Volunteer Coordinator– The volunteer coordinator is responsible for recruiting and coordinating volunteers for events and activities. Strong interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and good organizational skills are helpful for this position.

To be considered for nomination by the committee, please contact Kati Oliver ( by February 6, 2017.