Madera’s Conscious Kitchen Needs Your Help!


Madera’s Conscious Kitchen wants to start THIS SPRING, but we NEED YOUR HELP

Do you love saving money? Do your friends and Bay Area family? Do your Coworkers?
Please help the Madera Kitchen sell Chinook coupon books to our community-at-large and raise money for Conscious Kitchen to come to Madera. We have an INITIAL fundraising goal of $9,000 and need your help to get there.

We are asking families to commit to selling 10 books per family in order to change our school’s food.

Books are $20 each with hundreds of saved dollars inside, and after using only 4 coupons, the book will have paid for itself. In addition, there is a smart phone APP, so savings can happen without having to lug the book with you!
Thanks so much for helping bring great food to greater kids!!

Please see the link here for more information about the Madera Kitchen and contact Alena ( or Jessica ( to pick up your books.

Many thanks!



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