Running Club – 4,500 Miles!



At the end of December, the running club has gone a collective 4,500 miles!!! If they ran to NYC, they’re part way back. If they’re looking for fun in the snow, they could be in Siberia or maybe even Greenland. If they ran someplace warmer, which is what I would do, they might be in Brazil or Peru. That’s a lot of miles for these kids. If YOUR kid comes to the Running Club – give them your congratulations! Can’t wait to see you in 2019.


  • 1st place: Ms. Boyle’s class with 500 miles
  • 2nd place: Mr. Blake’s class with 420 miles
  • 3rd place: Ms. Michika’s class with 400 miles
  • Most miles by one student: 95 Wowzers!


We’ll get farther together. Kids can run or walk. Lots of time had to chat with friends and get moving before school. Friendly reminder: if your child is on school grounds BEFORE 8:20 AM they are required to participate. Please remind them to be respectful of the parents who are there volunteering their morning time. Thank you!


With rain in the forecast, please remember that if there is a 75% chance of rain at 7:00 am, or if it is raining at 7:30 am, Running Club will be cancelled.  Cancellation notifications will be sent out via by 7:30 am.  Sign up to receive text or e-mail notifications at: or text 94530 to 84483 to receive alerts from Madera Elementary Running Club

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