Letter from Principal David Ranch

Letter from Principal David Ranch

I want to start by thanking you once again for the warm welcome to Madera. Last week I was able to meet with our fabulous teachers, the African American Site Advisory Team, the Parent Teacher Association, and the Madera Elementary Foundation. This week, after hiring a newly minted third grade teacher whom I feel certain will do great things at Madera for years to come, I met with the incoming kindergarten families and the Jump Start Committee. While current conditions make engaging in the important conversations I look forward to having especially challenging, Alison and a number of parent leaders have been extraordinarily helpful in laying the groundwork for these conversations to occur.

As of this writing (Friday afternoon) the MOU with our teachers has not yet been ratified. Once that has occurred, as I mentioned in my phone message, we will schedule Zoom calls with grade levels or grade level clusters to answer your questions and explore your concerns. While you will learn the name of your child’s teacher at the Jump Start event, we will distribute a cohort number for kindergarten students on August 3rd, and for grades 1-6 on August 7th to assist with planning.

While I have been a principal here in WCCUSD for just over a decade, this is a year like no other, and I will share with you my immediate priorities:

  • Supporting our teachers as they work to provide a distance learning experience that is coherent, rigorous, and engaging
  • Amending our Comprehensive School Safety Plan to include site specific procedures and protocols that protect the health of Madera’s students, staff, and families during Phase 2 and beyond
  • Becoming acquainted with all of the people who make Madera such a wonderful place to learn

To be sure, this has been a summer none of us is likely to forget. But embedded in these many challenges, I feel certain, are reasons for hope and opportunities for growth. I so much look forward to tackling this work with all of you!

Warmest regards,

David Ranch

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  1. Thank you for outlining your focus areas, Principal Ranch. I look forward to working with you and our new and returning staff, as we pull together to navigate the Madera ship through turbulent waters and on towards calmer shores. 🙂

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