Madera mosaic

8500 Madera Drive
El Cerrito, CA 94530
Tel: 510.231.1412

About Madera

Madera School provides an exemplary elementary program for its students. Our school was awarded a “Program of Excellence” citation from the Contra Costa County Association of School Administrators. Many of our staff members serve as mentor teachers in the WCCUSD. Graduate degrees are held by 15 percent of the staff.

Madera is proud to have placed in the top two schools in WCCUSD in total reading, math, language arts and spelling scores for standardized testing. Our API score was 906, and we received accolades as one of the top elementary schools in the State of California. We have also received the Governor’s reading award four times.


Madera School provides a stimulating, integrated, and thematic learning environment that motivates the entire school community — students, teachers, administrators, staff members and parents — to work together for the betterment of the students. This cooperative and nurturing partnership allows the school to create and maintain an outstanding and safe learning environment. By operating a School-Based Coordinated Program, Madera utilizes funds to provide additional personnel, materials, equipment, and staff development to enhance our school vision. These funds include SIP, LEP, and GATE.

At Madera we have high expectations for behavior and academic excellence. Students are encouraged to develop respect for themselves and others as well as an appreciation of diverse groups of people and their cultures. Students develop a vision of themselves and of others as active members of a world community. Our school community cares deeply for its students and uses established methods to provide a consistently positive and safe school environment where students learn and grow each day. We work to prepare students for the challenges that they will face in the future.

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