Who We Are: Madera Staff

Complete Staff List

Name Occupation / Room # Extension
Alison Makela Principal 231-1412
Ruby Estebez Secretary 22500
Sally Pimentel Clerk 22590
Calvin Trampleasure (morning) Rm. 1 22501
Mary Boettcher (morning) Rm. 3 22503
Barbara McCormick (afternoon) Rm. 1 22501
1st Grade
Andrea Dorn / Cindy Mekjian Rm. 5 22506
Betsy Bashor Rm. 9 22509
Wendy Philips Rm. 7 22507
2nd Grade
Janelle Detten Rm. 13 22513
Joanne Rubio Rm. 11 22511
Dayle Ross Rm. 2 222502
3rd Grade
Ellen Michika / Kristy Mann Rm. 12 22512
Julie Patten Rm. 10 22505
Laura Schooley Rm. 14 22514
4th Grade
Melanie Phippard Rm. 6 22516
Betty Buginas Rm. 8 22508
Hillary Milani Rm. 4 22518
5th Grade
Jennette Gay Rm. 16
Monica Emeldi Rm. 15 22515
6th Grade
Carl Blake Rm. 20 (portable) 22522
Patricia Cetrone Rm. 21 (portable) 22521
Madera After School Child Care 215-4392
Leah Ingram Madera Garden
Annie Goodsill  Art
Cheryl Meibos Librarian
Joe White Custodian
Milagro Barahona Custodian
Ja’Nice Russell Food Service Clerk
Jodie Peng Chin English Learner Tutor
Virginia (Ginger) Morris Full Inclusion Specialist / Rm. 114a 22534
Patricia Romero Instructional Aide
Mary Heim Instructional Aide
Brandon Evans Instructional Aide
Kristin Keegan RSP / Learning Center
Linda Smetana RSP / Learning Center
Michelle Rappaport Speech / Language Aide
Verena Schelling Speech / Language Aide
Margaret Kang Occupational Therapist
Emily Springhart Psychologist

One comment

  1. Hi Jenee, Madera doesn’t have a strict uniform policy. Basically common sense dress code… No shirts with vulgarity, no mini skirts or high heels. (Not really an issue with an elementary school…) Thanks for checking!

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