Who We Are: Madera Staff

Madera Administrative Staff

Principal David Ranch
Secretary Faiza Shah
Clerk Sally Pimentel

Madera Teaching Staff

Kindergarten Stephanie Lucero
Kindergarten Barbara McCormick
Kindergarten Calvin Trampleasure
1st Grade Andrea Dorn 

Cindy Mekjian

1st Grade Jennette Gay
1st Grade Samantha King
2nd Grade Andrew Geen
2nd Grade Desiree Levrier
2nd Grade Melanie Phippard
3rd Grade Teresa Reyes
3rd Grade Pilar Souder
3rd/4th Grade Rebecca Raikow
4th Grade Betty Buginas
4th Grade Hillary Milani
5th Grade Kristina Beltz
5th Grade Angie Boyle
6th Grade Juliet Jamsheed
6th Grade Molly Wahl

Madera Special Education Services Staff

Full-Inclusion  Jared Williams
Resource Specialist Alexandra Jordan
School Psychologist Emily Springhart
Speech/Language Therapy Anya Milani
Occupational Therapist Nicole Gorman

Madera Support Staff

Head Custodian Joe White
Night Custodian Milagra Barahona
Library/Media Tech  Cheryl Meibos
Food Service
Yard Supervisors Alena Andress, Patricia Hunt, Ray Westergard 
Classroom Support Aides Rene Davis, Deneane Hannon, Azadeh Honarmand, Tomika Koon, Ryan McCarthy 
RSP Aide

Madera Enrichment Staff

Art Rochelle Johnson
Garden Leah Ingram
Music Elizabeth Lubin, Oakland Youth Chorus
Reading Support Alena Andress and Zenya Moon


  1. Hi, My name is David Arnold and i was a racing cyclist who raced with Calvin Trampleasure and lived/raced in Belgium. Im trying to contact Calvin. If you could give him this message it would be great. Thank you in advance, David Arnold

  2. Hi, I recentl had help from Zenya Moon with reading for my child. I’d like her help again but lost her number. Please have her contact me.

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