Who We Are: Madera Staff- To be updated with 2020/2021 soon!

Madera Administrative Staff

Principal Alison Makela
Clerk Sally Pimentel

Madera Teaching Staff

Kindergarten Room 3 Mary Boettcher
Kindergarten Room 1 Barbara McCormick
Kindergarten Room P1 Calvin Trampleasure
1st Grade Room 9 Betsy Bashor
1st Grade Room 5 Andrea Dorn 

Cindy Mekjian

1st Grade Room 7 Jennette Gay
2nd Grade Room 13 Janelle Detten
2nd Grade Room 11 Andrew Geen
2nd Grade Room 2 Dayle Ross
2nd/3rd Grade Room 6 Melanie Phippard
3rd Grade Room 12 Ellen Michika
3rd Grade Room 10 Teresa Reyes
3rd Grade Room 14 Laura Schooley
4th Grade Room 8 Betty Buginas
4th Grade Room 4 Hillary Milani
5th Grade Room 15 Angie Boyle
6th Grade Room P20 Carl Blake
6th Grade Room P21 Juliet Jamsheed

Madera Special Education Services Staff

Full-Inclusion  Jared Williams
Resource Specialist Alexandra Roman
School Psychologist Emily Springhart
Speech/Language Therapy Anya Milani

Madera Support Staff

Head Custodian Joe White
Night Custodian Milagra Barahona
Library/Media Tech  Cheryl Meibos
Food Service
Yard Supervisors Alena Andress, Kevin Hayes, Trey Holland, Patricia Hunt, Ray Westergard, and Ralph 
Classroom Support Aides Rene Davis, Deneane Hannon, Azadeh Honarmand, Tomika Koon, Ryan McCarthy 
RSP Aide

Madera Enrichment Staff

Art Annie Latzke
Garden Leah Ingram
Music Jennifer Wu
Reading Support Alena Andress and Zenya Moon

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