Sixth Grade Activities

The information below is based on prior years and will be updated with information about 2020-2021 as it becomes available.

Each fall, Madera sixth grade students will have the opportunity to attend Science Camp.  Science Camp is an exciting 4 day, 3-night sleep-away camp where students learn about Earth sciences, work as a team, strengthen friendships, and build self-confidence– all in a unique outdoor setting.  Science camp offers our departing Madera students a chance to better prepare themselves for the next phase in their school career and with an experience they will long remember.

  • Camp Date: Annually in late September.
  • Camp Location: Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds
    6250 Bohemian Hwy., Occidental, CA 95464
  • Transportation: Charter bus departing from and returning to Madera School
  • Attending Adults: Madera 6th grade teachers and parent chaperones

While at the camp, students will be attending a packed, educational, and fun schedule.  Activities may include classes in forest ecology, geology, streams, and forest animals, a ropes course, zip line, night hike, campfire skits, songs, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to drive my child to camp?

No.  All students will be driven to camp on a charter bus.

  • Who will be on the bus with the students?

Madera 6th grade teachers will accompany the students on the bus.

  • When and where will the students leave from and return to?

Students and teachers will board the bus at Madera Tuesday morning.  The bus will return to Madera Friday in the afternoon.

  • What does my child need to bring?

A full list of necessary items will be sent home prior to camp.  However, plan on packing basic “camp” items such as a sleeping bag, pillow, comfortable clothing, walking shoes, toiletries, etc.

  • Where will the children be sleeping?

Students will be separated by gender into cabins housing 7 students and 1 parent chaperone (of the same gender).

  • Is camp mandatory?

While we encourage all students to attend, participation is strictly voluntary.

  • Will missing camp affect my student’s grade?

No.  Camp participation is not part of the graded curriculum at Madera.

  • How much does camp cost?

The entire cost of camp is approximately $250 per student.  The 6th Grade Activities Committee (parents) has been working to raise funds to cover camp costs as much as possible.  If not enough funds are raised, monetary donations will be requested from parents.

Is there medical staff at camp?

Alliance Redwoods provides a Medic who is available 24 hours/day.

  • My child has a severe allergy, how will camp staff know?

A camp medical form will be sent home for you (the parent) to fill out, indicating any allergies, special needs, or medication to be taken.  This information will be given to camp staff.

For specific questions or concerns about your child and camp, please contact your child’s teacher.

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