Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedures

Student and staff safety is a priority at Madera Elementary. With your cooperation and patience, these procedures will provide safe and steady flow of traffic. For both drop-off and pick-up, in both the front and back spaces, we ask drivers to not get out of their cars. Students need to load and unload from their cars independently. With backpacks and other materials ready, students need to be ready to unload from the passenger side of the car as soon as possible. There is no parking or leaving your car unattended while in the drop-off/pick-up zones.

Give yourself plenty of time if you decide to park your vehicle. Traffic gets backed up and parking is limited. We recommend parking on Arlington Drive and walking your child to school.


As you drive through the front of the school circle, the right lane by the curb is the drop off/pick up lane and the left two lanes are pass-through lanes—no stopping. When dropping-off your student, please proceed slowly and pull as far forward as you can. Loading and unloading of students should take place curbside, drop-off only.


There is no parking in the back circle; this is a drop off only zone.  To walk your child(ren) in, please part on side streets.  Otherwise, pull as far up as possible to drop off students.  Once they are safely out of the car please exit.  Again, if you want to escort your child to class, park on a side street and walk in.


Kindergarten students may arrive beginning at 8:10am and will line up outside their classrooms to begin school at 8:15am.

Students in grades 1–6 may arrive after 8:20am. Please note that there is no supervision before 8:20am, so for the safety of your child please do not drop-off prior to 8:20am, unless your child is participating in Running Club. At 8:30am students meet on the playground and then line up outside their classrooms when the morning bell rings at 8:30am.

Students who want to participate in Running Club meet on the lower yard playground at 8:00am, unless it is raining.


Kindergarteners will be escorted by teachers to the upper yard playground at dismissal time. Please be on time. If you know that you will be delayed, please phone the office to reassure student and staff. No students are to remain on the school playground.

Students in grades 1–6 may not be on the school yard after school is dismissed unless they are enrolled in Aftercare. There is no supervision on the playground after school.  Please make every effort to pick up your child on time or for older students, remind them to go directly home.


During rainy weather, students are welcome to wait in the school cafeteria with their parents until the first morning bell rings.


If you will be late picking up your child, please contact the office at 510-231-1412 as soon as possible.


After care and before care are provided onsite for grades K–6 by the City of El Cerrito Recreation Department. For information on how to enroll, please visit: https://www.el-cerrito.org/435/School-Aged-Childcare.


Additional after school classes are offered through the Madera After School Enrichment Program (MASEP). Classes take place at Madera Elementary and other El Cerrito Recreation Department sites. Students enrolled in MASEP classes located at Madera can walk directly to these classes. Classes at other El Cerrito sites may offer transportation.

For current class descriptions and enrollment instructions, visit https://www.el-cerrito.org/437/Madera-After-School-Enrichment-Program. In addition, the MASEP program sends online and written information to each classroom before registration begins for its three sessions during Fall, Winter and Spring.


Please use the main entrance when entering the school during the school day. All school visitors must sign in at the office with each visit (Ed. Code Section 3221), even if you are a frequent volunteer/visitor.  We ask that you do not interrupt the classroom activities by going directly to the classroom without notice and that you work with teachers and staff at least 24 hours in advance to arrange your visit.