Foundation FAQs

Madera Elementary Foundation Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Madera Elementary Foundation?

The Madera Elementary Foundation (MEF) was founded in March 2015 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Its operations and activities are governed by its Articles of Incorporation and its Bylaws.

What does the MEF do?

The MEF pays for educational enrichment activities that benefit students at Madera Elementary.  These activities include, but are not limited to:  music program, computer lab and technology learning, physical education, garden program, classroom workshops, field trips, puberty education, library books, and classroom and office supplies.

How does the MEF relate to the Madera PTA?

Historically, the Madera PTA served as both a community-building organization for Madera and as the fundraiser and contractor for educational enrichment activities.  The MEF will take over the PTA’s role as fundraiser and contractor for educational enrichment activities.  The PTA will continue in its community-building role and conduct fundraising for this purpose.

Where does the MEF get the money to pay for educational enrichment activities?


Download the Madera Foundation’s budget for the 2020-2021 school year

The MEF will rely on the support and efforts of its members and other volunteers to obtain donations from individuals and organizations and to organize events and activities that generate revenue.  These events and activities may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following:

  • Madera Gala.  The MEF will organize an annual charity gala.  Funds will be generated by auctioning off goods and services donated by individuals and businesses.  In addition, funds will be raised by selling tickets to the Gala.
  • Annual Giving.  The MEF will periodically solicit parents, legal guardians, family members, other community members and/or organizations to donate money to the MEF.
  • Madera Market.  The MEF will periodically organize events at which Madera Elementary students can sell goods and/or arts and crafts.  All sales proceeds will be deposited into the MEF’s account.
  • Madera Jog-a-thon.  The MEF will organize an annual event at which students raise money for the MEF by obtaining monetary pledges from friends and family for running.
  • Restaurant Nights.  The MEF will partner with various local restaurants so that if the family of a Madera Elementary student eats at the restaurant on a designated date, the restaurant will donate a percentage of the cost of the meal to the MEF.
  • Shopping Rebates.  The MEF will partner with various local businesses and online businesses so that if family member of a Madera Elementary student buys goods or services from the business on a designated date, the business will donate a percentage of the cost of the goods or services to the MEF.
  • Business Sponsor. The MEF will solicit business sponsors at various cash levels and in return the MEF will advertise their business within the Madera community.

How can I become a member of the MEF?

Any person that is dedicated to the purposes of the MEF can become a member by paying the membership dues, which are currently $5 per member. Please click here for a printable form to sign up for both MEF and PTA.

What do members of the MEF do?

The most important responsibility of the MEF members is to elect the Directors of the MEF.  The election occurs during the MEF’s annual meeting, which is required to be held in May or June.  Members may also call special meetings to vote on filling vacant Director positions, removing Directors, amending the MEF’s Bylaws, and whether to dissolve the MEF, sell its assets or merge with another organization.

Who runs the MEF?

The directors of the MEF run the organization.  They decide which enrichment activities to fund, and they organize fundraising activities.  The directors meet at least monthly.  The term for a director is one year.

How many MEF directors are there?

The Bylaws require that there be at least eight directors, but no more than 18 directors.  That number includes the President of the Madera PTA and the Madera Principal, both of whom are automatically Directors.

Does the MEF have officers?

Yes.  The directors are required to select from among themselves a President, a Secretary and a Chief Financial Officer.  The bylaws also provide that there may be co-Presidents, one or more Vice Presidents, and one or more Assistant Secretaries.

How can I become one of the directors of the MEF?

Because all directors (other than the Principal and Madera PTA President) are elected by the members, a member that wants to be a director must be nominated as a candidate for the election at the annual member meeting in May/June.  There are two ways to be nominated:  (1) any member may nominate a person to be a director at the annual member meeting; (2) the MEF President is required by the Bylaws to appoint a committee to select candidates for election to the board of directors, generally at least 90 days before the annual member meeting.   The candidates that receive the most votes become directors (up to 16 candidates may be elected).