The information below reflects prior years. When information about the library for 2020/2021 becomes available it will be posted here.

The Madera Library is open five days a week thanks to the efforts of volunteers.  We have almost 8,000 books and we average about 18,000 checkouts every year.  Each class visits the library on a weekly basis.  Kindergartners check out one book, all other grades can check out two books for a two-week period.  When books are lost, students are responsible to pay the replacement cost of the book.

We use the Destiny online catalog to manage the library books.  To search the Destiny Library Catalog, Visit  Click on the name of the school then log-in.  Log-in can be as a guest (trees/read) or student’s district computer log-in.  Search by title, author, subject or keyword.

FREE E-BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE. Use Destiny Discover or Sora by Overdrive to access ebooks.

NEW BOOKS  This year we are trying to include more diverse book titles, especially in the fiction section. We purchased a few
books on coding, makerspace crafts, Clubhouse mysteries, and replaced some very worn out Eyewitness books.