Welcome To Our Garden

Madera Elementary’s School Garden began in 2007 with a lot of backbreaking labor and a shared vision of how a garden could impact student understanding of natural cycles, agriculture, and nutrition.  Since then it has grown thanks to the support of the students, staff, and families.  Over the past couple of years we have planted fruit trees, berry vines, herbs, flowering plants, and all manner of vegetables.  Please stop and smell the roses!

Meet our garden coordinator Leah Ingram.

Gardeners: Students, Teachers, Parents & More

Lots of people use our garden in many different ways.  Kindergartners come out and plant peas.  First graders measure the weather.  The second graders study the different types of insects and birds that visit the garden and at lunch time third, fourth and fifth graders take care of all the lovely plants we grow.  Parents, guardians, grandparents, and siblings help our garden grow by pulling weeds and adding compost.  Teachers come out to the garden to enjoy the space and to help their students learn about plants.  The office staff enjoys the strawberries and artichokes that the garden yields in the summer months.  How are you part of our garden?


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