The information below is based on prior years and will be updated with information about 2020-2021 as it becomes available.

The Madera Elementary Foundation is happy to announce our partnership with Youth in Arts to provide music education at Madera this year!  Youth in Arts is a wonderful organization whose mission is to build visual and performing arts skills through innovative and in-depth programs that foster confidence, compassion and resilience in students of all abilities.

Youth in Arts is providing Madera with three amazing instructors:

  • Bryan Dyer – Voice and Percussion for K-1
  • Aaron Kierbel – Percussion and Drum for 2nd and the one 2nd/3rd combo
  • Antwan Davis – Body Percussion and Step for 3rd-6th
Bryan Dyer:
Bryan spends most of his time performing with several groups throughout the Bay Area, including A Cappella and some jazz/RB/soul groups as both a singer and bass guitarist. When not performing or traveling, Bryan teaches music education through assemblies and in afterschool programs around the Bay.
Aaron Kierbel:
Aaron Kierbel is a professional drummer, educator and the founder of RhythmALLogy. His  workshops have been presented in schools, jails, shelters, festivals and corporate boardrooms.
Antwan Davis: 
Antwan is a multi-percussionist that has co-founded the Las Vegas based performance arts company Molodi.  As a teacher he is enthused by creating community through body music, giving people a different outlet of expression. As an artist, Antwan has expanded his artistic crafts by becoming an improv actor and stand-up comedian.

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