The Madera Elementary Foundation (MEF) is happy to announce our partnership with Oakland Youth Chorus to provide music education at Madera this year!  Oakland Youth Chorus is a wonderful organization whose mission is to ensure ALL students have every opportunity and advantage to gain access to the arts.  Oakland Youth Chorus provides Bay Area students of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds a comprehensive music education.

Oakland Youth Chorus has amazing music teachers and the MEF would like to introduce Elizabeth Lubin who will be the teacher for all grade levels at Madera.

Elizabeth Lubin has a bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College in New York and has studied piano for over 15 years. She has performed with church groups and lead choral programs for children and adult choirs for seven years. She has continued experience in elementary music education and private piano instruction in New York and in the Bay Area. Elizabeth continues to perform with bands of varying styles as a pianist and guitarist around the Bay Area as well as a solo singer-songwriter project. She has a passion for teaching art to special needs youth and incorporating music as a form of communication and expression.

The schedule for music class is below, and the zoom link will be provided by the classroom teacher:

Please join me in welcoming Elizabeth to Madera!  If you have any questions, please contact MEF co-President, Karineh Samkian at

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