PTA / MEF Procedures

Hopefully, this page will answer all of your PTA or MEF procedural questions. If you have any other questions regarding reimbursement policies, please ask the PTA or MEF Treasurer. We’re grateful to have such a supportive school community. If you have suggestions on improvements to this policy, or to any other PTA or MEF program, please share your thoughts at a PTA meeting or with any PTA or MEF officer.

Can I get reimbursement from MEF or PTA?
First, please make sure it’s approved by your committee leader or by the MEF or PTA and within the budget. In most cases, members should spend their own money and then apply for reimbursement by completing a MEF Reimbursement form or PTA Reimbursement form. attaching receipts, and leaving it in the President’s box or mailing to ATTN:  MEF or PTA, 8500 Madera Drive, El Cerrito, CA 94530 for review, approval, and processing. Receipts should be neatly arranged, with reimbursable amounts circled or highlighted, and stapled to the top left corner of the form.

I submitted a reimbursement request 1 week ago, and haven’t received payment yet. How long does it take?
Please note that there are four people involved in approving all reimbursement requests and cutting and signing checks. Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your reimbursement, which generally is mailed to the address listed on the reimbursement request.

Can the PTA/MEF pay a vendor directly?
Yes. If direct payment is required, please note it CLEARLY on the reimbursement request. A copy of the vendor invoice must also be attached to the warrant. All payments made directly to the supplier will be mailed by US Post to the address on the reimbursement request, unless otherwise noted.

Can a check from the PTA/MEF be processed quickly?
Checks can be prepared more quickly if necessary: please indicate “RUSH” on the reimbursement request if this is required. Please also email PTA President, and Treasurer with your need for expediting payment. Keep in mind, we are all volunteers and most are working professionals. We will do our best to rush payment within reason.

I bought something for Madera last school year, can I get reimbursed now?
Unfortunately, our budget is annual, and funds from one school year do not carry over to the next. Our fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. Please make sure your reimbursement request is submitted to the PTA/MEF within that time frame.

I chaired a fundraiser. How do I deposit the money I collected?
Chairs must deposit funds within 3 days after the event has ended. You must fill out a deposit slip (labeled Collections of Funds form) which are available on the middle shelf of the black cabinet in the office. Make sure that all money is counted in the presence of another PTA/MEF member and itemized correctly on the deposit slip. Once you fill out the Collection of Funds Form, please put everything together in an envelope and drop in the school safe. Please DO NOT leave money (especially cash) out in the open.  For large deposits, please contact Financial Secretary.

I kept track of contributions for my fundraiser on my computer. Can I just use that, or do I need to rewrite it on the deposit slip?
A printed detailed spreadsheet can be used. But please also attach a PTA/MEF deposit slip with the details of your fundraiser and totals listed. This is needed for our accounting and auditing purposes.

Where is the school safe?
For larger bulky deposits please put in the school safe in the back copy workroom behind the office. Walk in to the workroom, face the windows, take 2 steps to your right – the safe is located in the cabinet at your knees. There is a drop down door on the safe that you can put your envelope of money in. For a smaller deposit, there is a lock box inside the school office next to the door.

I wrote a check to the PTA/MEF that still hasn’t cleared my account. Did you get it?
Thank you! Please allow 2-3 weeks for checks to process after the fundraiser has ended. Since we’re all volunteers, our schedules don’t always line up in a timely manner. We appreciate your contribution and your patience.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Both Madera PTA and Madera Elementary Foundation are registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Madera PTA Tax ID: 94-6184090

Madera Elementary Foundation Tax ID: 47-5658402



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